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July 11th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

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Welcome to our Wooden Dolls House Blog where you will find great information, ideas and resources for your child’s favourite wooden toy. Learn about the benefits of play and impact on development these educational toys have; the beauty of the wooden toy and the responsible, eco-friendly choice you make for your child; discover all the different ways in which you can enjoy the wooden dolls house with your child and encourage them to play; read our informative product reviews or browse our store where you will find every top known brand of carefully selected, quality wooden dolls house and their accessories, for children. Some are furnished, some unfurnished so you can give it your own feel with our fantastic dolls house furniture sets or individual rooms. Choose from our range of wooden dolls house dolls, culturally diverse and gorgeously dressed in contemporary outfits. Child’s play is not complete without a wooden dolls house and we hope we can help you choose the perfect one for your family.

Heirloom Wooden Toy

September 6th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

Michael Josephson, of the Josephson Institute, once wrote, “The best memories are made out of simple stuff — homemade food, handmade gifts, heartfelt letters, good conversations, games, and heirlooms.” These memories are like a gift that keeps on giving, making us smile, feel proud and re-experience the pleasure of past times. A beautiful heirloom wooden toy, such as the traditional wooden dolls house, will create such memories for your child and they too will delight in giving and playing with their very own childhood favourite with their own children one day, reliving the memories and carrying on family traditions. In a world that at times is guilty of misplaced family values, we have few opportunities to decide on the directions that will influence our childrens futures. Will you decide on family values that contribute positively to your childs memories?

Plan Toys Doll House

August 30th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

We love Plan Toys. Their wooden dolls houses are amazing with their simplistic design and use of environmentally friendly materials and are often found in Montessori and Waldorf based preschools.  The Plan Toys Chalet Doll House is not one of your traditional dolls houses, not one that would spring to mind when thinking of your little one kneeling down at their traditional wooden toy. However it is one to pay attention to when considering your dolls house, for many reasons:

  • This Plan Toy Doll House is actually made up of two units that can be rearranged structurally by your child, so that they become the ‘designer’ of the house. A simple change of house layout can be like playing with an entirely new toy that will spark even more creative play
  • It has open wall design and skylight roofing which means that it can be accessed from all different angles and sides, great for when there is more than one child at play
  • Its modern design and gender neutral color scheme mean that this one is not just for the girls! It is quite common these days to give a dolls house of appropriate design to a little boy and this one is perfect for just this. Boys love dolls house play, they are just not traditionally encouraged to do so and so miss out on all the wonderful imaginative play that occurs with these toys.
  • The design of the house also leads to other play situations- it can double as a hospital, motel, shopping complex, police or fire station, a child care centre- the ideas are endless and it will mean that your child can incorporate many other toys with this house. This may be important as they go through different phases of their development and mature away from traditional doll house and doll family play. It can be equally useful for much younger toddlers that enjoy simplistic imaginative play.
  • It comes with its own unique set of modern dolls house furniture which can be arranged and rearranged as pleased
  • And of equal importance the Chalet Doll House, as with all Plan Toys, is made from eco-friendly materials in a process that is aimed at reducing waste and conserving energy.

This is a great choice for such an important gift! Find the Plan Toys Chalet Doll House here.

Le Toy Van Sophie’s House

August 28th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

If you know a little princess then you will love Le Toy Van Sophie’s House. All of the Le Toy Van doll house range is beautifully finished and features gorgeous decorative painting, and Sophie’s House is no exception. This dolls house is one of our most popular and is an award winner in the toy industry which proves its quality. Watch your little girl’s eyes glitter just like the beautiful roof on this wooden toy and let her princess imagination run free. For more info on Sophie’s House or to purchase, click here.

Modern Dolls House Furniture

August 26th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

Looking for modern dolls house furniture? We have a number of gorgeous options, all made with eco-friendly rubberwood and  so simple and chic in design that they will suit any style of wooden dolls house, whether the house itself is modern or not.

The Plan Toys Modern Dolls House Furniture Set is the most contemporary in style and colour:

Voila have two different furniture sets which we class as modern. Below, the first is Voila Wooden Doll House Furniture Set 1. Minimalistic and modern in design, it encourages your children to use their wonderful imaginations:

And adding a little more colour to set 1 is the Voila Furniture Set 2:

Browse our full dolls house furniture range in store here!

Is Your Child Developing As They Should?7

August 22nd, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

Part 7: Intuition

The last of our 6 faculties that’s important to develop in your children is intuition.

Intuition is our ability to  channel, receive and be in tune with the energy and vibrations that surround us.  It is by being accepting to a feeling and open minded/trusting what we feel, that we allow ourselves to tap into our intuition.

For most of us, intuition can be understood by thinking about the only two areas in our world from which inspiration can be drawn- religion or science. If it’s religion you follow, you think of a God and if it’s science, it is energy. In fact, they are actually quite interchangeable in one key way, and can be seen as the same thing: ‘God’ and ‘Energy’ can both be described as always being present, never created or destroyed, and within and through everyone and everything. For those of us inspired by religion, we know that if we pray it is often said that we’re talking to God, and when we use our intuition, it’s God talking to us. For those of us inspired by science,when we focus and concentrate on what it is we want to develop, it’s us drawing on ‘Energy’, and when we pay attention to intuition, it’s us paying attention to a universal Energy coming into us.

When children play, they should be encouraged to follow their feelings. When they have questions, allow the answers to be elicited through play. When they follow their feelings, they’re very rarely wrong, however we can often stop them from using their intuition by enforcing our adult ideals of ‘your just tired’ etc. Yes, they most probably are tired! but they are also right when they follow their feelings.

For example, your child is standing in front of their beautiful wooden dolls house. Something inside of them (their intuition) tells them to play with it, or to not, or tells them to re-arrange the furniture, or to leave it as it is. We have to encourage this because children have very strong association with their intuitive factors.
We see it when children interact. They pick up “vibes” from other children and translate it to their own consciousness. One child kneels down and decides to start playing hide and seek with the dolls house dolls in the kitchen and lounge room. They do this with such a positive and certain ‘vibe’ as they are following their intuition to do so, not being ‘told’ to do so. The other child picks up on this vibe- and is drawn to the activity, kneels down and joins in adding his/her own twist on the play. Sometimes it’s a competition for energy, and being close by to ensure the vibes picked up don’t become destructive, that all children get enough energy, or God, or whatever “is” that we believe in, is very important.

In adults, we have to pay attention to this translation of energy. In our children however, it’s natural. Allow it and encourage it through play. It’s one of our greatest mental faculties, a great gift that we have and it’ll guide us down the right road towards a bright future if we learn how to use it.

Finally, we can understand that increasing your child’s life through play does not happen by accident but by design – and we have the opportunity to facilitate it by understanding these 6 higher faculties. Child’s play is the key to their future, encourage and support your children in their amazing growth and watch with pride.

Is Your Child Developing As They Should? 6

August 20th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

Part 6: Imagination

Imagination is the most marvellous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force that the world has ever known.

Napoleon Hill said that, and he’s right. Every one of us has the most wonderful imagination, the more widely known of the higher faculties. Unfortunately at an early age though, for most of us it gets put in a box and a lid is placed on top.Think for a moment of a toddler, or a small child. They’re exercising their imagination and building magnificent pictures in their mind. And we permit them to do it. We encourage them to do it. And then at the age of 5 or 6, they go to school. And when they go to school and are using their imagination, it’s very often seen as and referred to as “not paying attention”. Think about it – the child’s mind is wandering and they’re not listening to the teacher. What they’re actually doing is exercising their imagination and building beautiful pictures. And they can be punished for that. They can get told off. They can be sent home with a letter. And the child is punished. Why? Because they’re using their imagination! And nobody recognises it as that – they recognise it as the child won’t pay attention. Don’t confuse this with poor concentration, when a child is unable to spend extended periods focusing on the task at hand. Imagination is when you see that little person staring off into the distance with endless possibility in their eyes.

We think that writers, musicians and artists are creative, but the truth is, we’re all creative, and we all express creativity from within more or less than another.

Start letting your children continue to use their imagination – let them build beautiful pictures in their mind of what they want to do during play, and then let them step out and do it. Don’t let them jump off the roof!, but do let them create pictures and stories through play. The wooden dolls house is one of the most perfect traditional wooden toys for facilitating imagination, with an endless possibility of scenarios for you and your children to create for play. Help them act out their fantastical scenes with the wooden doll house family, encourage them and enjoy listening and watching as they use their powerful imaginations.

Is Your Child Developing As They Should? 5

August 18th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

Part 5: Memory

All children have perfect memories. Whether they’re strong or weak memory faculties is another thing. You’ve heard the saying, “use it or lose it”? Well, it applies to muscles, movement patterns and mental faculties, including memory.

Memory is developed through association. Not just any association, but ridiculous association! Some of the best memory techniques of the ages are still used today – like how to remember names, places and faces. A fascinating way of ridiculously associating things in order to remember a string of objects for example, is through imagination and storytelling to yourself. And what better way to use imagination and storytelling than through play with your child! A wooden dolls house and its little wooden dolls family are perfect for this and here’s just one idea of many possibilities to try: Gather a bunch of objects within the dolls house and have your child tell a story involving each one in turn. For example, let’s try the following 7 objects:
-a doll called Ruby, a chair, a table, another little doll called Maisie, a roof, a door and a dolls car

If we make up the following ridiculous story, associating each object with the next, we’ll be able to develop our memory of these objects in turn. The story could go like this- ‘Ruby grabbed a chair and and pushed it into the table. Maisie climbed off the roof, locked the door and they both drove off in their dolls car’.
Remembering the story naturally facilitates the remembering of the objects. You can make a game of repeating the story and acting it out and even get your child to retell it to their father when they get home from work that day. This is just one idea of how to develop memory using wooden toys and there are so many different ones you can come up with for your children. Play in this way develops memory using the best techniques used by ancient story-tellers and is such an important part of your child’s developing memory.

Is Your Child Developing As They Should? 4

August 16th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

Part 4: Will

We now come to our third higher faculty of Will. What is the will? The will to the mind is very much like a magnifying glass to the sun. It brings the power of the sun to a white hot focus. And that’s what the will is to the mind. You concentrate. You hold one idea on the screen of the mind and the power that is flowing through the subconscious part of the brain (which is the primal part of the brain that is so impressionable and influential in children) focuses in on one point. In fact that’s how we concentrate, through the will. The more children concentrate, the more their thoughts become stronger. We know that children who concentrate on what they’re doing are usually the ones who get the best job done.

In a world of high tech audiovisual stimuli and multitasking, even adults can easily succumb to shorter and shorter periods of concentration. Video games and television shows that flash incessantly from one scene to another are prime causes in affecting ours and our children’s concentration spans. Choosing for your children to play with educational toys and not watch television is a clever choice, as playing with toys with purpose offers the opportunity for your child to create, via their will, what happens.

This willpower can be encouraged in children in the simplest ways. For example – the simple act of arranging and re-arranging the wooden dolls house furniture in a room, requires concentration amongst potential distraction. So too does the act of engaging in a play scenario with the dolls. Once again, we see that educational toys such as the wooden dolls house are just brilliant for your child to play with and get not only pure enjoyment from, but also for facilitating the development of these higher faculties.

Is Your Child Developing As They Should? 3

August 14th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

Part 3: Reason

The second higher faculty we are examining is Reason. Reason is where we take individual, original thoughts and bring them together to form ideas. In fact, that’s what an idea is – a thought or collection of thoughts directed towards a purpose. In giving children the opportunity to play with wooden toys that have many components such as the dolls house, we let them gather thoughts towards a purpose – whether it be setting up a room with furniture, or dressing one of the wooden dolls. Each thought is directed towards a purposeful event in play. Simple, yet so important.

Is Your Child Developing As They Should? 2

August 12th, 2010Posted by wooden dolls house

Part 2: Perception

Your child’s perception is their point of view. For example, let’s say your child is playing with their dolls house with a sibling, or friend or even just with you. You will often hear from their conversations about the dolls and furniture, that one child sees something wrong with whats going on and the other child sees something right with it.  “Where does this lamp go?”- “In the corner,” one child might say. “Next to the bed” the other child says, “It looks silly in the corner”. This is where we can facilitate this problem by asking something along the lines of “Well, what happens to how the lamp looks when we look at it from a different angle. Does it look better now?” And one angle could be viewing it next to the bed, but from the other side of the room so that it appears to be close to the corner of the bedroom. Another angle could be viewing it from the corner, with bed in the background so that it looks like it is next to the bed…The important concept here is, that both children are right, and should be told so. It may look silly when they look at it from one angle, but if they look at it from a different angle, it is in the perfect position. As there are so many different possibilities for placement of the dolls house furniture, this is a great way for you to facilitate your child’s Perception.

When you purchase a wooden dolls house, it will most likely come flat packed and need some simple construction. If your child sees the box and all the pieces, they may see how it can’t be put together. However, if you can show them another point of view, maybe by re-arranging the pieces, they will then see how it can be put together, again, developing their perception.

It may sometimes be the case that children would rather be ‘right’, that the dolls house furniture doesn’t belong in a certain spot, than to have a piece of dolls house furniture look good in a spot. As in they’d rather focus on what’s going to hold them back. This is just a little competition for energy and is often a good time to reset the balance, perhaps by changing scenery, grabbing a snack and then coming back to the dolls house to show them how to look at the situation from another point of view.


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